Sunday, May 12, 2013

Antwerp's very own Frozen Yogurt

FINALLY Antwerp has its own Frozen Yogurt place!

I've been loving froyo since I first had one in South-Africa more or less six years ago.
It was love at first ... uhhh... taste.

For those among you who haven't had the pleasure to have a froyo yet, it's a (semi-)healthy
alternative for ice cream or any other take-away dessert.
It's made of frozen low-fat yogurt, so it's a low-calorie (0% fat =) =) =) ) treat.

This screenshot below shows a comparison between ice-cream (roomijs) and Natural Frozen Yogurt per 100 ml.
vet = fat
suiker = sugar
eiwitten = proteins
Screenshot from

At Moochie Antwerp ( ) you have the choice between three different flavors of yogurt as a base.I like the natural yogurt best.

Then you have 24 (wow) different toppings. There's all kinds of fruits like kiwis and bananas, there's oreo cookies, american cookies, muesli, m&m's, nuts, candy, etcetera etcetera.. 

Then on top of aalllllllllll of that, you can put a (free) sauce like nutella, honey, strawberry-sauce and a few more.

I had a small, natural froyo with oreo cookies and strawberries topped with just a little bit of chocolate sauce. And it was heavenly!

Where you can get it:

Eiermarkt, 9
2000 Antwerpen

Klein Turkije, 14
9000 Gent

(Come to Belgium if you live elsewhere!!)



Cute picture-wall @ Moochie Antwerp

Oreos and strawberries! 

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