Friday, May 10, 2013

English + Mad Tea Party - Lisa

So, first of all, I wanted to tell you that I'm going to write in English from now on.. I've noticed that
a couple of people from the US and India and other countries have clicked on my blog and
I thought it was a pity they couldn't read what they were (probably) looking for.

Hopefully, all belgian readers can still follow whatever I'm talking about!

Today I want to write about the Mad Tea Party a friend of mine threw today.. She is
writing a paper about Alice in Wonderland and wanted to throw an Alice in Wonderland themed party
herself and I thought it was a very awesome idea.

She wanted to combine this afternoon tea party with a closet sale, so all girls who were invited could
sell the clothes they don't wear anymore. This combo was just perfect.

Lisa, my friend who threw this party, lives in a kind of farmhouse more on the countryside. Lisa and her family have five horses and stables (If you have horses, you have to have stables, obviously ;) ). The whole farmlike estate looks very cool.

In their garden they have a chalet which they installed completely so it is very livable and looks ├╝ber-cute. The tea party and closet sale took place in this enchanting chalet.

I took a lot of pictures so I'm going to show you what the tea party looked like!

Lisa and her sisters (Annakin and Isabeau) made a LOT of cupcakes, whoopies and other sweet treats.
The tea I had today was Strawberry Cupcake tea and tastes supersweet and was really utterly delicious.

First we all had a cup (or two/three) of tea and afterwards it was time to start drinking some cocktails and checking out each other's clothes !

The chalet 


Suite inside the chalet

The smoking hot host, Lisa 

Strawberry Cupcake tea



Hope you enjoyed this!

PS: Thank you Lisa for your awesome party and all your awesomeness and for the inspiration for this blogpost!

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