Monday, May 13, 2013

I am in love with... Kandee Johnson!

Sorry, boyfriend, but I'm in love with a girl. 
And her name is Kandee Johnson. 

WARNING: Do NOT miss out on this one. 

Have you ever heard of her?

Kandee Johnson is a gorgeous, extraordinary and incredibly funny American YouTube-star (or should I say: phenomenon?) and probably the most cheerful and happy person I've ever seen.

Her name is Kandee for a reason, she is total eye-, ear-, and other-senses-candy!

Kandee Johnson

Kandee J started out as a professional make-up artist for film, tv and print media.
She started filming videos for YouTube 4 years ago.
As a single mom of three (now already four) kiddos I believe it must have been hard for her to still find time to do make-up tutorials. - 10 points for Kandee Johnson aka Hardworking Single Mom!

Back then, Kandee only had a (sorry to say) crappy videocamera and lighting was bad but she was so adorable and nice that people revisited her channel despite the bad filming.

In the mean time, Kandee has done 394 videos on her Kandee Johnson channel and has collected a humble 1.296.184 subscribers and 195.593.167 views. W.O.W. (And by this I don't mean World Of Warcraft, just for the record ;) ;) ;) ;) )

But I'm not surprised by these numbers because she is the nicest person ever and she is SO funny I don't even just go to her channel for make-up and hair tutorials anymore. I just watch her for entertainment, for hours. 

However, her make-up and hair tutorials are really really awesome and have helped me A LOT.
Kandee uses a mix of fairly cheap and more expensive make-up and face products and she's honest about what her favorites are, whether it's mascara from CVS pharmacy or from Dior.

One of the things I like most about her channel, is that she doesn't get paid by companies to tell people what good products are. She just tells you what she loves most.

Kandees videos aren't just about make-up. She has videos on hair, skin care, must-haves, DIY's, style, fashion and last but not least, how to have fun. And fun is indeed what she has. She seems to be so happy all the time (or at least while filming), you instantly cheer up.

In her videos, Kandee always wears the weirdest/funniest clothes with all kinds of hilarious prints or shapes. From her videos I learnt that it's better to wear not-so-very-matching neon blue and pink clothes  than to wear a very-matching-but-also-very-boring black and grey outfit.

All right so I can go ON and ON about what I love about Kandee Johnson but it's time to show you what videos I liked best.

1. The video where Blake (her son) does her make-up
This one makes me laugh every time I watch it (and I've watched it quite some times)
Watch it here

2. No mirror make-up challenge 
Watch this one here

3. More or less ALL of her other videos ;) 

A few pictures :

Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland 


Kandee Johnson

Here's the link to Kandee Johnsons regular channel:

Her other YouTube channel about her life as a mom:

Her blog:

Her website:

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