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Kate Upton make-up tutorial

A curvy supermodel, what a dream!

Kate Upton is one of the very few topmodels/rolemodels who has a little roundness and I love it.
She makes me totally re-appreciate my ball-round face :D

She always has pretty make-up and I thought it would be a great idea to do a make-up tutorial on her signature cat-eye look, with rosy pink cheeks.

The result

This is going to be (again) a very very long post but I wanted to get it right and explain it as clearly as possible without having to make a video (I'm too shy, hihi)

I used my regular make-up products but I'll try and mention the brands and codes if you want to buy them. Not all my products are new, so you probably can't copy the whole look but you can find similar products, for sure!

What you need:


- Moisturizer (any brand)
- Foundation (make sure it's your exact skin color or even a shade lighter, so you don't have a
                        difference between your face and neck)
- Concealer (same as foundation, and take a creamy one like Boi-ing from Benefit)
- Face powder (optional, to make your make-up stay on all day)
- Warm pink blush for your cheeks
- Bronzer, but don't go too dark
- Highlighter 
- Brown mascara
- Black mascara (for your eyebrows)
- Beige/brown eyebrow pencil
- Eyebrow gel (optional)
- Liquid eyeliner (find one with a "workable" brush, short brushes with fine points are better for a
                             perfect, steady line)
- Any warm goldish eyeshadow (if possible use NAKED palette by Urban Decay, I love it so much)
- Any darker shade - best = dark brown - eyeshadow
- Brown eyeliner pencil
- Lipliner pencil in nude color
- Nude lipstick


- Big fluffy powder brush
- Rounded fluffy eyeshadow brush
- Flat eyeshadow brush

The steps:

1. Clean your face with a make-up remover and a cleanser (I use Clean & Clear 3 steps acne control)

Just me without make-up, I feel naked. 

2. Moisturize your face with a moisturizer. I used Nivea soft moisturizer, but any moisturizer will do.

3. Apply your foundation all over your face with a foundation brush or blending sponge. I use the Beautyblender by Beautyblender (ha ha). Make sure you choose a moisturizing foundation so your face doesn't go desert-dry in a few hours.

4. Apply concealer on:
  • your eyelids
  • under your eyes
  • between your eyes and nose
  • on your nostrils 
  • under your nose 
  • wherever  you have red spots. 

Smudge well and make sure you don't leave any polka-dot concealer-trails behind because that does NOT look pretty! haha

5. Apply highlighter on:
- Your browbone (just under your eyebrows, on the outside)
- Your nose
- Just above your upper-lip
- Just above your cheekbones, on the outside of your face

I used a shiny white eyeshadow from MAC to do it, but you can do it with any really light shiny eyeshadow or a regular highlighter from Too Faced, Benefit, MAC, etc..

6. Apply face powder all over your face with a big fluffy powder brush to make sure your foundation will stay on all day. You can skip this step :)

7. Choose a pretty rosy color of pink blush (mine is a warm pink from MAC) and apply on the outer parts of your cheeks, NOT on the apples of your cheeks. I looked at a few pictures of Kate Upton and she almost never wears blush on the apples of her cheeks.

In general it looks better on a round face if you apply your blush more on the outer 'corners' of your face and not on the apples of your cheeks.

Blush brush and pink MAC blush

8. Eyebrows
For blondes & redheads : use a beige/brown pencil
For darker hair: use a dark brown pencil
Start filling in your eyebrows with a beige/brown eyebrow pencil. Carefully look at the form of Kate Upton's eyebrows, she has a high arch but it's not sharp, it's more rounded. Start with drawing the outlines of the form and then fill in.

For blondes & redheads: Take a tissue and take off all excess mascara from your brown-mascara brush so you only have a tiny bit left on your brush and go over your eyebrow hairs very carefully. This will create a more natural-looking dark brow.
For darker hair: use an eyebrow gel to define your brows and to make them more natural-looking after filling them in with a pencil.

9. Take a good bronzer. Don't go too dark, because it will look like you've been barbecued.
If possible, choose a bronzer with sparkles, that will look extra glamorous!
Take your big fluffy powder brush and dab it in your bronzer. Blow off the extra powder and start applying on your face.

My bronzer is called Goddess Rocks

The best trick to apply bronzer is the following:
Make a "3"-shape on your face with bronzer. Start off right under your cheekbones (if you make a fish-mouth you'll see where your cheekbones are) and sweep your bronzer upwards towards your ears.
Then do the upper part of the three: apply bronzer next to your eyebrows and the outer corner of your forehead (Don't put bronzer in the middle of your forehead). Then go down to your cheekbones again, and from there, form the lower part of the three towards under your chin.

Apply a little bronzer all over your neck too.


10. Eyes

Choose a really pale, whitish or pinkish sparkly highlighter color to put in the inner corners of your eyes. I chose a mix between Bootycall from the NAKED 2 palette by Urban Decay and my highlighter/eyeshadow from MAC. 

Choose a warm gold color (I chose Half-Baked) and apply it in the crease of your eyelid and in the middle of your eyelid with your rounded eyeshadow-brush and blend very well. 

Then choose a darker color (you can choose matte dark brown or sparkly goldish brown, both will look pretty) and apply with your rounded brush from the outer corners of your eyes towards the middle and blend with the gold color. Create a wing (upwards) with this color, as you would with your eyeliner.  Also apply a fine line of this color right under your eyes and connect with the wing.

(Optional for smokey effect) You can choose to apply another darker shade of brown just on the outer corners of your eyes. Just take really dark brown or black and take your flat eyebrow-brush and apply a line (with the sharp side of your brush) on your lashline and create a wing towards the outer corners of your eyes. Then take your rounded brush and blend until you get the smokey effect you want. 

Then start applying your eyeliner. Start at the outer corner of your eye and draw towards the inner corner. The line from the middle of your eye towards the inner corner should be a thin line, from the middle part towards your wing, you can draw a heavier line to create a dramatic effect. 
Create a "happy" wing that goes upwards. 

Apply a thousand coats of mascara (five will do) on your upper and lower lashes. 

With eyeliner and mascara

Urban Decay Naked 2 palette 

11. Apply a pale color of lipliner and form round, Marilyn Monroe-shaped lips. The upper lips are almost the shape of a heart. I used a light nude pink from Catrice, but any nude lipliner will do.

Then apply a nude lipstick (Hey Nude.. from Catrice is the best I've ever tried)

12. Draw a small dot with a brown eyeliner pencil just above your left lip


What do you think? 
Is everything clear ?
Do you like the look? 

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