Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My picks: American Apparel

I must admit, it wasn't love at first sight.

I used to not like American Apparel at all because it was a little too boring for me 4-5 years ago when I visited the U.S. quite often. However, now I've visited the store in Antwerp for the first time (I've walked past it a million times and never went in, shame on me) and that store is -apparently- super awesome! 

  All of their clothes and even their website, have an explicit eighties touch to it. They sell crop tops, neon colored bathing suits, high-waist light-blue jeans shorts, oversized t-shirts and wooden heel sandals!

I don't think I, personally, can pull off the entire eighties look but a few eighties touches won't harm anyone!

What I love about American Apparel is that they have normal, plain, girl-next-door models who haven't had their make-up done with a painter brush and who aren't being criticized because they actually like food.

So these are my picks:

Onesuit/pyjamas - CUTE  

I think this next romper looks great with just jeans and converse.
I'm a big fan of rompers because they sit very tight to your body, which gives a very clean look!

Body/Romper with stripes

I have this next sweater in neon pink but I couldn't find it on the website.. but that is of course
my favorite from the sweater-collection. But I love the bright yellow and neon yellow ones too.
I love more or less every neon color in the world :) :) :) :)

Bright yellow

neon orange sweater

Neon yellow

neon blue

Love the colored-sleeve tees 

I wouldn't wear this but how eighties is this ? =D

U.S. flag! 

A nice detail: when you want to buy eyeglasses or sunglasses on the American Apparel website, you can filter the eyewear according to the shape of your face. They made it look so cute and fun to shop for eyewear, I would buy it even if I didn't need it ha-ha 

Warning: a little nudity coming up

I wanted to show my appreciation once again for the effort American Apparel is making in making a change in the ever-continuing discussion and case about the way young girls are influenced by superskinny, poorly fed models.

They are showing their costumers that it is ok to be the girl next door, not be supermodel-like, not all bony and thin. They show that everyone is pretty, whether you have very bushy eyebrows or you're thighs are wide. It doesn't matter, anyone and everyone can be beautiful.

The next pictures show a little nudity (I'm sorry :) :) but they're on the website of american apparel too)
and the model in these pictures has a little more flesh than "normal" models would. I like the way she looks and she looks very confident.
I'm not saying this girl is fat, because she's absolutely far from it...but she does have feminine forms and you can't see her ribs!!!! yay!!!

way to go, American Apparel!


All pictures on this blogpost are from www.americanapparel.com

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