Monday, May 27, 2013

Post trend: pink dip dye! (Temporary)

I know, I'm about a year late but I have wanted to do this since then and never had the guts or time to just do it.

 But how cool and lovely does this pink dip-dye look?

It's a very easy do-it-yourself, temporary dip dye in whatever color you want.
I did the dip-dye in pink because I think it suits blonde hair very well and it isn't too dramatic.

YouTube has helped me do this but also a colleague-blogger, Athena from Whiskers and Lions did a blogpost on it a year ago. I thought it was so pretty on her!

There are a few things you need to know first:

1. If you only want to have the dip-dye in for one day, do not wet your hair! The combination of water and the pastels will create a real pigment and it will stay on longer than one day.

2. Don't wear white clothes for the first two days. Wear clothes that match your dip-dye to make sure that IF it stains, it doesn't do too much damage :)

The dip-dye (if you want it to last 4 days):

First, choose your color of pastels. I picked pink because it looks nice and girly on blonde hair. But if you have brown hair, it won't give the same effect (I believe).
Pastels are soft chalks that are actually meant for drawing, but they give a nice pigment if you use it on your hair and don't do too much damage.

You can choose more than one color but you probably don't want your hair to look like a childrens coloring book so keep it clean! :)

1. Make sure to put on an old t-shirt you don't mind getting dirty

2. Take an old towel and put it on the floor, just so your chalk doesn't get on the carpet

3. Comb your hair

4. Spray your ends with the sprayer

5. Start chalking your ends and work with your fingers so the pigment goes everywhere. 

6. Wash your ends with water (I did that so the pink gets a little softer) 

7. Let your hair air dry or blow dry very softly 

et voilà!

What do you think ?


Aurélie VB said...

Definitely going to try that this summer! Love it

Jessica De Block said...

Goei idee!! Gaat u mooi staan!

Jorien Van Look said...

Woooow das echt leuk ! :D Ik heb nen ombre :D

Jessica De Block said...

Ja zalig he! Ik ga is kijken bij uw facebookfoto's naar die ombre! :D

sanam arzoo said...

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