Wednesday, May 15, 2013 - iPhone cases & more artsy stuff

I've known about Society6 for about a year now. 
I already have two of their iPhone cases but I still go to their website regularly and drool over their prints. 

Society6 has hundreds and hundreds of fancy, funny, pretty and awesome iPhone cases. They can also print the designs on t-shirts, hoodies, canvas, throw pillows, tote bags, laptop and iPad skins, iPhone and iPod skins, iPad cases, stationery cards, art prints and framed art prints. 

The iPhone cases I have from their website, were both presents for my 19th birthday which was almost exactly one year ago (my birthday is coming up, this saturday the 18th of may! --> see this post
The cases below are the ones I have. 

The first one is baby green and it shows two birds on a branch who are "tweeting", like through twitter. "Sparr0w82: on a branch with @Bluebird"   

The second one shows a watering place where five cute foxes are drinking from and playing in. 
And it's very suitable to put around your iPhone for autumn and wintertime.

I have loads of other favorites from their website and I will TRY to pick a few to show you here:
Furry case

Wise owl wearing a winter scarf

Vintage leopard print

So ultra cute

I'm a huge Hunger Games fan -- tip for my birthday ;) ;)

Cutest cloud ever wearing a rainbow scarf 


Grumpy cat 

Kitten pizza space

Space Sloth hahahaha


More sparkles!


So go check out their website : 
All iPhone cases are $35 so that makes €27,2
Please consult the website for other prices ! :) 

Which one is your favorite ?
Don't forget to leave a comment! 

big kiss, 



lore bontenakel said...

Die sloth was effe mijn achtergrond! Love it, ik wil ook een hoesje voor mijn HTC!

Jessica De Block said...

Zalig!! ik zal voor uw verjaardag eentje kopen!! (das wel nog lang :D )

Jones Morris said...

Have you seen the cute cases from dope case supply? I just got mine and love it! ipad 2 cases