Monday, May 20, 2013

The most awesome birthday gifts - I've been spoiled

So as you know (because I wouldn't let anyone forget) I turned 20 this saturday, and I had two parties going on this weekend. One for my family, which was merely about eating cake and drinking champagne/coffee and the other one for my close friends.

Throughout the day I received plenty of awesome gifts. I was urging to write about them yesterday and today but I still had a lot of other things I had to do first so I only got to it now.

I would like to thank all of my family and friends for making my birthday thàt magnificent this year.

The best birthday-gift was of course the one I got from my outstandingly wonderful boyfriend.
We agreed on a ring for my birthday because it's that one thing you can always wear, no matter what outfit you're wearing.
It's that little something special that reminds you of your love every time you look at your finger.
You symbolically carry your love with you very closely, everywhere you go.

We got it at Robb.Zilla, which is a little jewelleryshop in the center of Antwerp.
The designer of this jewellery is a really nice guy and he makes extraordinary designs for an affordable price. You can check out the shops website here.

The address of this jewellery shop is:
Kammenstraat 53
2000 Antwerp

My ring looks like this:

We're inseperable already 

All of the other gifts are almost equally awesome as the ring. I'll make a list of what I got and I'll show you some pictures too.

1. Kidibul 

I got a lot of Kidibul, which is a non-alcoholic kiddy-champagne. My friends know I don't drink alcohol and they know I like Kidibul so I got three bottles of Kidibul, ha ha. Yummy!

2. Blog your dreams

My cousin bought me a "Blog your dreams"-laptop bag with a neon pink border and neon pink details.
Neon pink is always good. Also the Blog your dreams-quote on the bag is of course very applicable since I started this blog only two weeks ago. I love this gift. Thank you, Saartje!


3. How to make: smoothies, juices and shakes book & Glutenfree cookbook

Two very cool kitchenbooks.

One really cute juices-, smoothies- & shakesbook that looks like a diary with a cute little tie on the side. It has 222 pages of super-healthy smoothies, juices and shakes. I'm definitely gonna try them, starting today! I'll keep you posted :).
Since my boyfriend is a (most of the time) super-healthy sportsman, I'm feeling a little guilty (and self-conscious) lately and I'm going to try my best to keep up with him. I do eat healthy most of the time but I could do better than what I do now. These juices will be my vitamin-boost for every day!
Thanks for the book Lisa and Jolien!

The other book is a "enjoy glutenfree food"-cookbook to learn how to cook food without gluten.

WARNING : very personal information in the following text:

I haven't spoken about it on my blog because it's not exactly the happiest topic to write about but.. I have an illness that is a form of Rheumathoid Arthritis. I have been suffering from it since I was 16 but I've been having an upflare since october. I've been having a lot of joint-pains for the last 8 months and have been going from doctor to doctor, hospital to hospital, taking a lot of medication in the mean time and sleeping twelve hours every night (I feel like a freaking baby).

Since we still haven't found exactly the right cure/therapy for this disease I'm taking some alternative medicine too. They told me I had to stop eating food that contains gluten and some other products because the toxines the gluten release in my bowels are taken in entirely, which normally wouldn't be the case. It's called leaky-gut syndrome. My gut just takes in too much of the toxines and actually intoxicates the rest of my body, which can result in heavier inflammation of my joints, which is what I'm (chronically) suffering from. Which is no fun at ALL.

It's not an easy diet but it's for the best so I'll try to eat glutenfree food every day for the next 4 months, after that I have another test and maybe I can eat normal again afterwards, which would be awesome.

So thank you Carlo and Joris for this glutenfree cookbook, which will help me stick with my diet and keep me strong in times I want to eat food I can't have.

4. A very shiny clutch and a gift voucher for a dinner party with my girlfriends

This clutch is just too pretty. It is so shiny. I love everything shiny. I got it from my five best friends. and I also got a coupon for a dinner party with all of them. It's been hard for us to get together all six of us since we've been studying at different universities over the country, so birthdays are the most excellent opportunity to make that doodle and have dinner together!

Thank you, girls <3

oh great quality! 

My dinner-party voucher was inside this cute vintage cornflakes box! 

5. A very very very very very very very awesome URBAN DECAY NAKED2 PALETTE!!!

I wanted this since I saw it on Kandee Johnsons channel. The colors in this NAKED2 Palette are just so sparkly and pretty, and look good with every eye-color. Most of the colors in this palette are goldish-brownish. Gold is more or less the opposite of blue in the color wheel, so it creates a beautiful contrast on blue eyes, and since I have blue eyes, I had to have it.

Thankfully I have good and very generous friends who are willing to give me exactly what I want (haha) so I got it for my birthday yaaaay!!!

Thank you so much Brent, Nele and Ellen!

I'm wearing eyeshadow from the Naked palette in this picture! 

6. A very pretty necklace by Zara

My friends have been very smart and looked at the must-haves on my blog that I didn't have myself yet.
I posted a picture of these necklaces at Zara that are super-pretty and were on my wishlist and they bought one of them for me! It was a very good move and a lovely surprise. I put it on immediately and it even matched the outfit I was wearing at my party. I haven't taken it off ever since (unless for the picture or for sleeping ha ha)

Thank you Lore, Doris & Charlotte!

7.  Boost it "volumizers"

It's kind of a clip to put under your hair to create volume. I already had bump-its but they are a little too plastic-y to put in your hair and this is a kind of cushion so it's much softer!
I already wore my bump-its quite a lot so I'll definitely wear these ones too!

Thanks to Lisa & Jolien!

8. Microwave bear + two gift cards

Isn't he just the cutest ? I already got a microwave bear as a present from my boyfriend when I went on holiday for three weeks "to keep me warm" (aww) but this one's just the cutest addition to my collection!

Then I got two gift cards from Moochie Frozen Yogurt (also from someone who has definitely read my blog before buying a gift haha) and a gift card from Hunkemöller Lingerie!

Thanks to my two aunts!!

9. Some other nice gifts...

My favorites + coke with my name on it! 

Pretty flowers

Lovely things - bag

Lots of strawberries from the boys 


Thank you Chloé, Margot and Yordi! 

What do you like most ?

Don't forget to leave a comment! 


Athena said...

Naked 2 = awesome! Heb ik ook voor m'n verjaardag gekregen:)

Jessica De Block said...

Zalig he! Ik ben echt een topfan!

Tiny Sanders said...

Je wil echt nooit meer andere oogschaduw! Zat er ook een mini primer potion bij? Dat spul is a-ma-zing!

Groetjes, Tiny (nichtje van Jolien VdK)

Jessica De Block said...

Tiny! Danku om te reageren!!
Er zat geen primer potion bij maar ik heb er nog een kleintje van Too Faced dus no problemo
Ik zal dat misschien eens bestellen !!


Tiny Sanders said...

Sinds ik een cursus visagie gevolgd heb, speel ik nog liever met make-up. Er bestaan niet veel betere texturen dan UD. Weinig fall-out en super goed te blenden. Too Faced shadow insurance komt op hetzelfde neer als de UD primer potion idd.

Jaloers op je V&V tas btw!

Jessica De Block said...

Ja echt zalig he! Ik ben ook echt een make-up lover..die V&V tas is echt goddelijk en ik heb em nog niet uitgehad! xxx

Onine Florist said...

Looking awesome dear..also love that Arrangement of Flowers on your dress...

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Shotoree said...

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