Saturday, June 8, 2013 turns 5 - and does great promotions! turns 5 this year and they won't let that pass without celebrating in a proper way!

 is an online cosmetics webshop, full of beautiful make-up and beauty-products for a relatively low price.
Because of its 5th birthday, does a kind of stunt-week full of extreme (and extremely awesome) promotions on great brands!

The Boozyshop 5-day promotion week (Boozy 5-daagse in Dutch) starts this monday the 10th of June and has a particular promotion for every day of this week.

Monday June 10th: Promotion on the (dreamproduct!!) Beautyblender. I have one and I couldn't live without it anymore. It's the best make-up investment I did this year (it's about €18 for a freakin' sponge but it's totally worth it!). And now you get 15% off -  this monday! So go order!

Tuesday June 11th: Sleek cosmetics, 20% off! I'm not familiar with Sleek but their products look really pretty.

Wednesday June 12th: Bdellium tools. Both pretty and good quality! They are so über-cute. I would love doing make-up even more with these babies from Bdellium! Order yours on wednesday and get 20% off!

Thursday June 13th: China Glaze nail polish

Friday june 14th: MeMeMe Cosmetics.

I really really really love MeMeMe cosmetics. Last year I bought a 4-color eyeshadow palette in goldish colors from MeMeMe and the quality was super-good. I wore it almost everyday and got a lot of compliments on it (until it fell and broke into a million pieces). I also have their Goddess Rocks bronzer with a gold-touch, which makes you look like you have a gold-like tan. You will look like a goddess, I promise!

So friday, the last promotion day, is literally MeMeMe-day (or YouYouYou-day if you like ;) )
And you get 50 (!!!!!!)% off!

And a last really good reason to order something is that you get a limited edition boozy-shop surprisegift with every order above €25! Nice!

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