Friday, June 14, 2013

DIY great gift-idea : Personal Quote Eyechart

It's my granddad's birthday this monday the 17th of June and I wanted to make something special for him but since my health is killing me and my back doesn't allow me to stand up or sit for longer than half an hour, I tried to find something I could do lying down.. not easy, believe me!

But yesterday I found the perfect DIY; A Do-it-yourself eyetest with a personal quote instead of just letters. It's not hard at all and it only takes up about 10-20 minutes.

So here's what you need:

- Microsoft word
- A printer
- 30 minutes
- A frame (I don't even have this one myself yet, haha)

You can choose your font yourself but I used "Consolas".
Start out by picking a quote that is not too long, I chose "Grandfather is someone with silver in his hair and gold in his heart".. Nice, right?
And then you just start out by typing 1 letter on the first line, 2 on the second and just add a letter per line. Then "center" your text and start changing the font sizes line per line. I used:

Then space out your letters until they look like a real eyechart, that grows wider when going down. 
You just have to adjust your spaces according to your quote. 
At the bottom you can draw a line by clicking on "shape" --> "lines and connectors" 
Then just print and put it in a frame.. your very own eyechart! 

I'll take a picture when it's done and put it on the blog when I have a nice frame to put it in. :) :)

Hope you liked it! 

I got the idea for this DIY from A lions nest ! A very very nice blog!! 


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