Friday, June 14, 2013

DIY: Hogwarts acceptance letter

Were you one of those kids who had been waiting impatiently for her(/his) 11th birthday?
And did you then find out there was no snowy owl flying your way with a Hogwarts Acceptance Letter written by the hand of Minerva McGonagall especially for you? And then not even a surprise visit from Hagrid to apologize that your letter never arrived?
I would be devastated, too.

But you can catch up on lost luck RIGHT NOW! 

I did this DIY quite a while ago but I thought it was worth putting it on my blog. The original version of this DIY is from Oh, Mishka.

These are the instructions for creating your very own Hogwarts acceptance letter:

1. You’ll need custom fonts, so go to, go to the Media tab, then click Fonts.
Download the following fonts: Lumos Parseltongue
Magical Me (Parry Hotter)
2. To install these fonts on your computer, simply unzip each file.
For Windows: Open your My Computer, Folder, open Local Disk (C:), open Windows, then open Fonts. In the custom font folders you’ve just unzipped, drag the font file to your Font folder. Now it’s installed and ready to use!
For Mac: Just go to "downloads" or open "Finder" and search foryour "Office" folder.. open this folder and find the "Fonts" folder. Drag your new fonts (.zip) in the fonts-folder. 
3. Follow the instructions I wrote down in this blogpost.

4. You’re ready to mail your Hogwarts letter!

5. If you would like to send it by real mail, you can easily do few other steps to make it look extra authentic, like real parchment. Soak the papers in coffee for a few minutes and let them drip dry. You can use a blow-dryer to make your paper look scrunchy and "wrinkled". Keep in mind that if you soak your envelope, the glue might be coming off so you'll need to close it in another way when you're done with the coffee. Burn off the edges with a long lighter but always be safe, kids! And don't play with the fire! ;)

6.     If you REALLY want to do your friend a favor, enclose a train ticket to Hogwarts for platform 9 3/4!

Text + Logo Envelope: 

Harry Potter
The cupboard beneath the stairs
4 Privet drive
Surrey, London

==> font: Parry Hotter

==> You can adjust the name + address to your friend's name and address

This is what your page should look like.. I was surprised that my printer could print on Envelopes but its not difficult at all, just click "tools" in word and find "envelopes".

Text page 1:

Hogwarts School
of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Headmaster: Albus Dumbledore
(Order of Merlin, First Class, Grand Sorc., Chf. Warlock,
Supreme Mugwump, International Confed. of Wizards)

Dear Mr. Potter,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment.

Term begins on September 1. We await your owl by no later than July 31.

Yours sincerely, 

Minerva McGonagall,
Deputy Headmistress

==> Font Hogwarts: Lumos Bold 
==> Font headmaster: Magick and italicize everything after Dumbledore's name
==> Font body text: Magick
==> For McGonagalls signature just click the image I inserted. 
==> Add the logo on the upper left side 

Text page 2:

Hogwarts School
of Witchcraft and Wizardry

First-year students will require:
   1.Three sets of plain work robes (black)
   2.One plain pointed hat (black) for day wear
   3.One pair of protective gloves (dragon hide or similar)
   4.One winter cloak (black, silver fastenings)
Please note that all pupil's clothes should carry name tags

Course Books
All students should have a copy of each of the following:
     The Standard Book of Spells (Grade 1)
                  by Miranda Goshawk
     A History of Magic
                  by Bathilda Bagshot
     Magical Theory
                  by Adalbert Waffling
     A Beginner's Guide to Transfiguration
                  by Emeric Switch
     One Thousand Magical Herbs and Fungi
                  by Phyllida Spore
     Magical Drafts and Potions
                  by Arsenius Jigger
     Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
                  by Newt Scamander
     The Dark Forces: A Guide to Self-Protection
                  by Quentin Trimble

Other Equipment
1 wand
1 cauldron (pewter, standard size 2)
1 set glass or crystal phials
1 telescope
1 set brass scales

Students may also bring and owl OR a cat OR a toad.

==> Font logo: Lumos Bold
==> Font body text: Magick
==> Italicize Book titles

Text page 3:

Dear Mr Potter,

Due to Muggles having become recently aware of the wizarding community, the Ministry of Magic has determined that all Hogwarts letters must be sent by Muggle post until further notice. Our regrets that your letter was not delivered by traditional owl post.


Percy Weasley

Undersecretary to the Minister of Magic

==> Font: Parseltongue
==> Font signature: Rage italic 

The Word-version

This is the result: (I blurred the names for the sake of my friend's privacy haha..) 

I decorated the envelope by hand 

This was quite a long post but I hope you enjoyed it and maybe you'll make one yourself!
Have fun!

If you have any questions, leave a comment below or e-mail me at


Anonymous said...

looks cool and all but why would anybody want this?

Jessica De Block said...

Come on, are you serious? I love it! And lots of other Harry Potter fans will too! You don't have to make it ;)

Melissaaa said...

Amaai ! ik heb tien keer geprobeerd voor ik een reactie kon zetten!

1. Super leuke blog. Daarom volg ik je nu via bloglovin..
2. @anonymous! Everyone should want it! She can send me one :) I'm a HP geek! I love it!

3. Jessica! i love it!!! :)

Love, The mind of an exchange

Jessica De Block said...

Da vind ik tof se!! Merci !!!! Ik zal u terug volgen! En iedereen zou er idd een moeten hebben! xxx

Anonymous said...

In response to teh first comment...who wouldn't love it?!? you must be a muggle to not love it. clearly you're not a harry Potter fan otherwise you would really really need this!!! (as much as I needed the 26 page maurder's map...)

Joseph T McSwiney said...

How do you get the paper to look so rustic?

Jessica De Block said...

You soak it in coffee, blow-dry it with a blow-dryer and then burn the edges with a lighter or matches! Good luck!

Joseph T McSwiney said...

Thanks, doing it for someone who is 25!! The are going to love it :)

Jessica De Block said...

There's no age limit on Harry Potter-lovin'!! I would love it and i'm sure he/she will too!! Good luck!!

Joseph T McSwiney said...

Turned out amazing... great blog!!

Anonymous said...

Looks great! Will be using some of this to do invitations for my daughter's Harry Potter/Hogwarts-themed birthday party next month. :)

Anonymous said...

1. Do the hogsmade letter.

Agung Widhi Prasetyo said...

what a total weirdo.

Anonymous said...

I know why I would like to buy it.

To put in in a good friend's mail box at the beginning of the school year for example, or any other time


Jazzy Patterson said...

OMG! This is awesome! My boy friend will love it!

tamanna said...

Thank you SOOOOOOOOO Much!!!! it helped a lot. My best friend is a die hard Harry Potter fan. She is gonna be thrilled!!! Cheers girl!!!!!!!!!! You rock :D

Anonymous said...

Thanks! my friends bday is today! she will love it!

Miranda said...

Anyone able to find the fonts recently on I can't find them

Paula said...

Hi! I love this!!! and I want to make it for myself, BUT I can't find the fonts anywhere in the site mentioned in the post :( HELP!

Jessica De Block said...

Dear Paula,
Thank you for your kind words. I hadn't noticed the website deleted the fonts but I think these fonts will do Good luck and feel free to show me a picture afterwards. My Instagram is @jessicadeblock should you post it on instagram!

Paula said...

Thank you so much Jessica! I will totally show you the final result! :D
I'll add you to my instagram also!
here is mine in case you would like to add me as well:

Kyanea said...

Amazing, will be using this, thank you!!

Lux G said...

I couldn't find those fonts

DIY Daisy said...

My issue is getting the background to look good instead of it just being printer paper. For the letter itself, did you use a certain type/color of paper? And did you singe the edges? I plan on doing this for invitations to my little brother's birthday party, so the text will be modified, but I want the paper to look authentic.

DIY Daisy said...

For those of you that couldn't find the fonts of mugglenet, I couldn't either, but I did find them here before I read this blog.

liz oelker said...

I had so much fun printing these out and I framed it for my Harry Potter themed bedroom. Thanks for the directions and files :) And for those that haven't found the fonts, you can just do a search for those font names or just Harry Potter Fonts. I didn't have a problem tracking them down :)