Monday, June 3, 2013

Edgy: Earcuffs

I spotted it online a few times - and on Pinterest; but it's still a new kid on the block: Earcuffs.
They are edgy, special and pretty. I am a huge fan. Plus: no piercing needed! 

Out with the symmetrical look of classic earrings -although they still look timeless and fabulous- , in with the un-uniformed earrings and earcuffs! 
They come in every size and form, the crazier, the better. However, I personally prefer chique, sober ones for every day but if you go to a party or your outfit is very clean, plain and single colored.. you can for sure go crazy with colors and feathers! 

Also: don't wear two of them. Just wear one in one ear.

I selected the prettiest earcuffs for you!
If you want to get some of your own, you can get them cheap at H&M, River Island, Bijou Brigitte, Claires or any fashionjewellery-chain. I asked at Accessorize but they didn't have them yet. 

Picture from Pinterest, no website mentioned.

A bit much but I love the idea and pretty for parties!

Jordin Sparks

How cool is this ?

This is my other pair: 

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