Friday, June 14, 2013

Oh how I love I heard about it for the first time a few months ago in one of Kandee Johnson's videos.
She was wearing a very cute t-shirt from in her video and I instantly went and checked it out!

They have all kinds of funny, humoristic and artsy clothes, decorations and other stuff.

Here's a few pictures from items I love:

oh my gosh.. so cute

Unicorn tee
Vermeer's Girl with the Pearl earring: pixelized wall art

Mural Decal

So cute! 

Kitchen Decal 
Subway station Decal
Messenger bag

Retro/futuristic watch 

Fox hat <3

iPhone bunny case

If I'd have all the money in the world I would be shopping online probably about 24/7 and I would buy ALL THIS STUFF!

What do you like most ? Did you already know 

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Eline Van der Jonckheyd said...

Is die wereldkaart zo om aan te duiden waar ge geweest zijt al?