Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Summer trend: all things neon!

Neon is the way to go this summer.
Shops are bulking with neon-colored clothes and accessories, but not only your wardrobe should be neon-touched.. even your furniture and home-decoration look a lot better with a hint of fluorescence!

I tried to pick some pretty moodboard-like pictures for you from Pinterest and Google so
enjoy, get some inspiration and don't forget to let your imagination run free if it comes to neon this summer!

I got all these pictures from Pinterest and sometimes I wasn't able to trace whose pictures it were but I tried my best to give credits to the owners. 




Deluxe Buys from

Comme des garçons -


photo from Ashley Norton

Miranda Kerr . Picture owned by Nico Guilis

Yellow vans from

Home decoration

la collection by Virginie from

Do you like neon? 
Let me know what your favorite neon accessories/clothes/deco pieces are! 


LisaD Deckers said...
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LisaD Deckers said...

Love it!!! Please tell me where you found the third example of nail polish :)

Isabel said...

i will always love neon!

Isabel @ Walk of Fashion

Jessica De Block said...

Thanks for your comment Isabel, you have a very nice blog!

Where do you live?

And I love neon too! xxx