Sunday, June 9, 2013

Will you help me choose a MacBook skin?

Hi there!

Yesterday I was experimenting with nailpolish while viewing some tutorials online on my laptop and while I was removing my previous nailpolish from my nails, a nailpolishremover-cottonpad (what a word) fell on my white MacBook right next to my mouse pad. I immediately took it off but it made SCRATCHES on my laptop-body! I can't believe it :(

It really made me unhappy because I am super-duper careful with my laptop and I clean it almost every week so it looks all new again. And now this.. all my work, gone forever!

I wanted to maybe order a replacement for the body or have someone replace it for me but I think it's going to cost me a lot and my laptop is already about four years old so it might not be worth it anymore.

My dad came up with a great idea (thanks dad!) to just order a skin-sticker for my MacBook. With this sticker I won't have to be confronted with the fact that I ruined my laptop - because my heart would break over and over again. It's just so... permanent.
He found this really cool website that has all kinds of cute, girly (ànd boy-ish if that's what you're looking for) and pretty laptop skins and I can't make a decision!

The website is called and the link to the White MacBook 13inch skins

What do you think is the prettiest one ?

If you have any suggestions on other websites that also have full body skins (not only for the back of your laptop) please let me know! 


Nicole said...

I heart the white cat. Too cute! said...

de voorlaatste, het "boompje" kei mooi!