Friday, August 23, 2013

My love for painting.. reborn!

Hi there awesome blog-followers!

It's been a while since I wrote my last blogpost but things have been going a little better with my health because of the lovely summer temperatures and I didn't feel like staying inside and being anchored to my computer for a few hours to write blogposts..

So since everything is going a little better, I picked up my most-loved hobby ever again.. which is painting.

I only started painting when I was 17 but I really really really love it. I used to draw but the pencils didn't allow me to do whatever was in my head, and brushed & paint will. Since painting is somewhat like going to the gym (haha now I'm exaggerating a little but it is labor!) I didn't have the chance to paint for over 10 months. Boring story!

One of favorite painters is a Belgian artist called Christine Comyn who makes crazy-beautiful paintings of mostly women. She recently made a painting called "Marie-Antoinette" and it was already the second time I fell head over heels in love with one of her paintings and HAD to have one. Since they cost a lot there was no other option than to just paint it myself.. so I did!

This is the result..

Some pictures of the process:

(I've never been taught any technique since I am an "autodidact" so the images below are showing the "technique" I developed by painting.. haha I'm the biggest amateur)

What do you think ?
Any painters among you?


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Anonymous said...

This is a gorgeous painting and oozes talent and joy.
Where can I buy one ?

M. Borremans