Sunday, March 2, 2014

Beautiful Brazilian Bathing Suits by Lenny Niemeyer

Brazilian Chic is what comes to mind when you see these maillots and bikinis by Lenny Niemeyer. And that is exactly what they are. Bright, beautiful and flamboyant colors make these bathing suits young and wearable. Nevertheless, they are vèry sophisticated.

With double-layered fabric these beauties fit like a glove, as if they were tailored only for you. 
I have tried on two bathing suits and I never ever ever wanted to take them off again. I felt like I could sit through an entire high-class seven-course dinner with just my bathing suit on. It genuinely feels like you're wearing a gala-dress. 

The double-layered fabric has kind of a slimming, shapewear-like effect which I L-O-V-E.
No need to tell you girls that maillots are high en vogue these days. However Lenny Niemeyer's bikinis are also marvellous. You be the judge. 

My friend Louise Riella, who happens to be a Brazilian Beauty herself (this should be her title) is the representative for Lenny Niemeyer in The BeNeLux (Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxemburg). 

If you want one of these gorgeous bathing suits or just some information, don't hesitate to contact Lou on

Louise Riella 

Also visit - all images are's property. 

These are the bathing suits I got to try on.. I made my choice already! 
I'm very sorry for the low-quality pictures.. but hey, it's not easy to capture bathing suits because you can't hang them beautifully at all =) 

Which one would you pick?


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

MY God, you have a sharp and funny pen. Very well written Jessie. It gives you the incentive to immediately go out and order these exclusive gala-dresses to dine or swim in. Being a man I am unfortunately excluded from wearing these bathing suits myself - on the risk of permanent imprisonment in a lunatic asylum or at least ridicule- BUT I am fortunately not excluded of buying these as very nice gifts for others. So go ahead and buy one, Jessie, and I will gladly pay the bill. You deserve it. M

Rose Berbert said...

I´m a big fan of Lenny Niemeyer swimwear . Its one of the best brands from Brazil !!! Love that its now available in Belgium.