1. The original Richard Phillips "Spectrum" painting made with airbrush paint. I really love it and it's one of the most spectacular paintings I've ever seen. I even painted a copy myself but it's not quite as beautiful. You might know it from the CW show Gossip Girl, it's in Lily Rhodes' apartment. Oh.. a girl has to dream! 

2. Simple Aztec-print make-up bag from Sephora

3. Mockingjay pin from the movie and books "The Hunger Games". The mockingjay has a really deep and special meaning in the story and symbolizes kind of what the story's all about.
I would wear it everyday if I had one! I love the books and the movie. Can't wait to go see the next one!

4. FujiFilm Instax instant print camera. I would just use our old Polaroid if it wasn't so damn hard to find the films! And if you find them, they will be about 20 dollars a sheet so, not really budget-friendly!  But this one will do.. plus it comes in a super-cute yellow color!

5. I never run and I'm not even allowed to run because of my back but I love these running shoes from Nike so much I would just wear them whenever - ha ha. This coral-orangy pink is actually my favorite color!
I must admit it's kind of the same story as my yoga pants. Most of them have never been to yoga class

6. Saint-Tropez self-tan. I bought it at the London Heathrow airport a few years ago and never found it again, they don't sell in Belgium. But it's actually the best selftan ever. And you shoùld trust me because I have tried loads. Yay for Saint-Tropay!

7. A beautiful iPhone dock "hidden" in an Alice In Wonderland book! How cool is that? From Etsy.com

8. Classic Ray-Ban Aviators but I still like them a lot. They look good on everyone!

9. Personalized Jessie from the blog iPhone case, will probably order this one day! Ha ha

10. Chanel Vernis à ongles iPhone case. I love these in every color but pink is always my favorite (baby blue comes in as a close second!). You can get these at Etsy.com

11. "I'm also good at mermaid dancing"- t-shirt with a quote from the movie Pitch Perfect. This quote is one from Fat Amy, who is the best movie character EVER. Played by Rebel Wilson. Awesome movie, awesome actress, awesome quote!

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Athena said...

ik wil die Nikes ook heel graag maar de verkopen ze allang nimeer (tenzij je op ebay koopt). en st. tropez verkopen ze overal hier in London dus laat maar weten als je een bestelling wilt plaatsen;)